The Future Of Aviation Has Arrived

Earhart transforms how the record management is made in the aviation industry. It will connect all industry together making it more efficient and profitable, for all types of organizations.

decentralised economy

Earhart platform connects aviation ecosystem to a blockchain solution to power your aviation business

Integrating aviation records in a blockchain solution provides to aviation industry more eased process. It will be able to save billions and cut maintenance costs in about 5% per year.

  • Decrease the costs with management and personal
  • Decrease the costs of processes
  • Increase the efficiency of your data operations
  • Decrease the costs with missed of inaccurate data
  • Cut your costs
  • Increase your income

About Earhart

A Blockchain based solution made exclusively for aviation

Earhart is a trusted and secure smart aviation network. Blockchain powered. All intervenients can record, share and monetize data instantly, increasing the efficiency of the data operations.

  • Modular Solution which integrates Maintenance, OEM’s, Airworthiness Organizations, Operators, Operations, Authorities, Regulators, Training Organizations and Lessors;
  • 2 Clicks Solution It does not require any knowledge in blockchain or IT. It really works with 2 clicks;
  • Secured and Trusted data Connection Enables a secure data sharing and connectivity between all direct intervenients;
  • Traceability and back-to-birth to all types of data and parts since day one;
  • Digital Twin Secure your data with a cryptographic solution. Data will never be lost or compromised again;
  • Trustability The used data will be the correct one. Trust your records and trust the data presented to you;
  • Innovation No software change or specific hardware requirements. Keep your IT infrastructure;
  • Data Economy will give you extra income while you perform your regular operations;
  • Real Time audits and airworthiness status.

Our way

Road Map

Q4 2020
  • Concept and Sketch
  • Lite Paper
  • White Paper 2.0
  • Start 1st Module Dev
Q1 2021
  • Partners Presentation
  • Deployment of Earhart Corp.
Q2 2021
  • Partners Presentation
  • 1st Module Trials
  • 1st Module Debug
Q3 2021
  • Finish 1st Module Dev
  • 1st Module Testing
  • 1st Module Quality Control
  • 1st Module Audit
  • Partners Presentation
Q4 2021
  • 1st Module Deployment
  • 2nd Module Dev
  • Partners Presentation
Q1 2022
  • 2nd Module Dev
Q2 2022
  • Marketplace Deployment
  • New Use Cases Presentation
Q3 2022
  • White Paper 3.0
  • Lite Paper 2.0
  • 2nd Module Deployment
Q4 2022
  • 3rd Module Dev
Q1 2023
  • 3rd Module Deployment

Some facts

Use Cases

Permanent Records

Never lost and Never Adulterated encrypted records

Modular Solution

All aviation ecosystem will be connected under the same aviation smart network

Data Traceability and Back to Birth

All data are traceable to its original issuer

Trusted Data

Use only approved and reliable data

Data Connectivity

Data can now be connected between different organizations using different software’s


No need to make any software migration. Keep using your everyday software

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Legal Disclaimer

    Earhart Solution, Lda. is a private liability company incorporated in Portugal and governed under Portuguese law (“Earhart”).

    Earhart manages an electronic platform for data exchange based on blockchain technology, and is the issuer of utility tokens (“EHT”) that may be used by the users of the platform to access to encrypted data of other users. Although EHT may be qualified as virtual assets, Earhart is not subject to registration with Banco de Portugal, as it does not carry out any of the activities with virtual assets that are subject to said registration, set forth in article 2(1)(mm) of Law no. 83/2017, 18 August (Lei n.º 83/2017, de 18 de agosto), which lays down anti-money laundering and terrorism financing measures and transposes into the Portuguese legal order Directive (EU) 2018/849 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 May 2018, in relation to EHT or any other virtual assets.

    In addition, EHT should not be qualified as securities pursuant to article 1(1)(g) of the Portuguese Securities Code (Código dos Valores Mobiliários, approved by Decreto-Lei n.º 486/99, de 13 de novembro) as they are not functionally and legally comparable to securities (e.g., shares or bonds) or other financial instruments.

  • Does Earhart Solution's platform comply with all the aviation regulations?

    Yes. Earhart Solution's platform is not able to see or modify your data. It also complies with all the aviation IT systems requirements, namely EASA AMC.M.A.305(e) and FAA AC 120-78A.

  • Who are going to be the Users of Earthart Solution’s Platform?

    Aviation Regulators, Authorities, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Lessors, Airworthiness Management Organizations, Maintenance Organizations, Operators, Pilots and Maintenance Training Organizations, Operational and Maintenance Licencing.

  • What’s the main point Earhart Solution is going to solve?

    Nowadays, record keeping is done in centralised ledgers which cannot communicate with each other. Due to the needs of the aviation regulators, record keeping has to be performed in order to keep the traceability and accountability of every action taken in the industry.

    Since the ledgers don't communicate with each other, and depending what type of ledger is used, this type of work is made essentially by man-power which gives origins of many errors, falsifications, forgeries, loss or deterioration.

    Besides the time of processment of the information is much higher, extending the aircraft ground time, these errors can put at stake the aircraft safety. The technology used for the centralised ledgers, mainly paper and non-standard software, can give origin to data lost, wrong data, corrupted, deterioration, or even to illegal changes or adulterations. This costs the aviation industry many millions of USD.

  • What solution does Earhart Solution propose?

    With Earhart blockchain powered solutions, all the records will be recorded forever, never lost, adulterated, or even corrupted. This solution will decrease by many factors the price of used aircraft, since the cost of record keeping and processing are residual. Also, the need for reworks due to loss or unreliable data is zero.

    With the Earhart solution implemented, there is the possibility in real time to acquire all the desired airworthiness data. The daily management of aircraft fleets will be highly facilitated with our Proof of Airworthiness concept. The man-power to perform the aircraft airworthiness control will be highly reduced and the authorities can issue their airworthiness data and immediately perceive their impact. Audits, aircraft modification status and professionals working time can be conducted in real time.

  • How much does it cost to use Earhart Solution?

    Each record cost a fraction of a cent of USD. And each record in the blockchain can have hundreds of airworthiness records. So, each individual record costs less than one thousandth of a USD cent.

  • How is it going to work?

    You can record your data in the blockchain through Earhart Solution. Your data will be encrypted and recorded in the blockchain. Only you can see it, not even Earhart can see what the information is about. You can share the data with other organizations, and then they will be able to see it also. This brings trustworthiness to the information since nobody can change or modify it. This is valid for any type of records like: Certifications, Airworthiness, Maintenance, Manufacture and Operations for example. Basically, you can create a digital twin for all of your aircrafts, parts, processes or whatever piece of data is important for your organization.

  • How Can I earn with Earhart Solution?

    There are two ways you can earn with Earhart Solution. The first is the economic resources that you can save using Earhart’s Solution. And the second is using Earhart’s Solution monetization tool. With this, you can monetize each piece of data you wish, asking whatever price you want. All this while you perform your regular operations.

  • Do I need to change my Management Software?

    No. With Earhart Solution you don’t need to do any software migration. We know how difficult and painful a software migration can be in aviation, so the design of Earhart Solution had that into account. You can access Earhart Solution web interface or plug your software to Earhart (customised and insite solution). There aren't any hardware special requirements.

  • How easy is it to use Earhart Solution?

    Pretty easy. Earhart Solution was designed to be used with literally two clicks. There aren't any special skills required to use the Earhart Solution. Nevertheless, a special training will be given by Earhart to all the users of your organization. This training is estimated to last less than a couple of hours.

  • How can I start using Earhart Solution?

    To start using Earhart Solution please apply here

  • How can I ask for a presentation?

    To request for a presentation please fill up the form


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